You don’t want to turn your property completely over to a management company, at least not yet.  Selling isn’t your answer either. No, you just need a source of reasonably priced maintenance and a little help with managing the property.  We may be your answer.

Affordable Rental Associates, LLC (ARA) is a different concept in providing services to rental property owners.  Unlike conventional management where you give up control of both the property and the rents, ARA acts as an extension of your business.  Rents are collected in your name; you make the final tenant selection as well as maintenance decisions.  

Everything we do is cafeteria style where you take only the services you want and only pay for those you use.  All maintenance is performed on a time and material basis with materials at cost. All of our crew leaders have the Wisconsin /EPA Renovator lead paint training and certification.

  • Reasonable fees, starting at just $15 per unit per month plus any maintenance that you choose to have us do. 
  • Rents are collected in your name
  • Pay for only the services you use - use only the services you want.  
  • Have anyone you wish or our staff make repairs.
  • No long term contracts.  We keep owners with our service, not with a piece of paper.
  • Use our office address as the physical address you are required to provide to your tenants

For more information download our information packet

Please noteWe currently only accept owners with 4 or more units that have been in the rental business for at least 2 years and are not delinquent on property taxes or mortgages. Sorry, but it is a changing world out there. 

Affordable Rental Associates, LLC

1020 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53204

(414) 643-5635

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